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What is Lifestyle Photography?

Take the stress out of photoshoot day.


Usually the times that you want to remember the most aren’t captured during a staged photoshoot. They are the little everyday moments that create the stories of your life. A lifestyle photography session with me will capture your real, candid, personal moments, and are typically centered around a specific activity of your choosing—from talks in the morning over coffee, to spending time with family, making cookies, or walking in the park—I’ll be your personal paparazzi for the day. I will spend up to four hours with you and your family to document these memorable moments in an editorial/journalistic way.


Kids won’t sit still?

Being a mother myself, I understand! This is why lifestyle photography is my favorite style of photography. During these sessions, we won’t have to worry about getting your child to sit still. A successful lifestyle photography session involves you and your family interacting with each other versus interacting with my camera, so that I can focus on capturing life and that you can focus on living it!

What you get is a gallery of truly unique, custom photos

that no one else has because they are images that capture your life.

Because let's be honest...

Even when they're cranky, they're cute.

Lifestyle sessions are great for any type of photoshoot.

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