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hi, i'm  jessica.

I'm a sucker for big ideas.

I'm the perfect photographer for your "crazy idea."

As a full-time mommy and marketer, I live for the moment and am a sucker for creative ideas! So if you're thinking that you have an idea that's too crazy, too over-the-top, too EXTRA, I'd love to hear it! Let's make your crazy dreams come true!

Why Photography?

I hate reading, but I love stories.

I was definitely that kid who flipped through the book just to look at all the pictures. Give me a picture, I'll tell you a story. One could say this was where my passion for photography came in. As far as I can remember, I've used pictures, drawings, and visuals throughout my life to communicate. From helping my family from the Philippines learn English, to majoring in Advertising, teaching my kids how to walk and tie their shoes, through freelance web design and running a blog...I used visuals. Visuals have played a huge part in helping people see, feel, and act. I find it my job as your photographer to help you remember, re-experience, and re-feel the moments you will never want to forget.


...behind the name...


These are my grandparents: ELY & ROSE. The O.G.'s of creativity in my family.

Spending time with them was a big part of my childhood, and as far back as I can remember, we were always coloring, drawing, traveling, and cooking. I also remember watching my grandmother sew. She is a talented seamstress and currently hand-sews large blankets for the homeless made from plastic grocery bags. Their kids can play any instrument by ear, they used to sing in a band, my dad's a painter and a graphic artist, my uncle is a sculptor, and my other uncle designs cycling bags in San Francisco.

Today, I've taken up photography, my cousin creates music, and my 9 year old son is creating his own athletic clothing line.

Their creativity has inspired generation after generation.

And I am so very thankful for it.

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